Mussoorie celebrates statehood day with fervour

Uttarakhand 17th foundation day celebrated mussoorie

Prachi Raturi



At the verge of being an adult, Uttarakhand celebrated its statehood day with fervour.

And though the celebrations were marked in every district, Mussoorie always has a special flavor. It’s a bitter sweet memory here. For it was here that a total of six people including two women were shot dead when an angry mob (agitating against the firing in Khatima and the forceful removal of agitators in Mussoorie from a protest site) were shot at near the Jhoola Ghar area of Mussoorie in the year 1994. Martyrs Hansa Dhanai, Belmati Chauhan, Balbir Negi, Rai Singh Bangari, Madan Singh Mamgain and Dhanpat Singh then are always on everyone’s mind here while the celebrations are held at Shaheed Sthal a memorial spot for the six brave hearts of Mussoorie.

A host of cultural activities were lined up at Shaheed Sthal through out the day. The programmes that began around noon went on till 5 in the evening with enthusiastic participation from locals and tourists. Children from various schools, MPG College, Garhwal Mahasabha all organized several interesting programmes. Traditional dance and music flowed in the air. A fashion show in traditional clothes also made people wear their nativity in style. To give the place an authentic Uttarakhandi touch to the day, Uttarakhand Mahasabha also had a food stall of traditional food. So from swala to pakoras and arsa, locals as well as visiting tourists enjoyed the local delicacies.

Like Alisha Singh a tourist from Delhi put it, “Uttarakhand is a beautiful state and visiting at this time, made me lucky to be able to experience its beautiful music, dance, clothes and food. I wish these things became regular features so that people like us at least know the state better.”

We sure wish too!