“I want Uttarakhand to be known as the mushroom state of India”

Mushroom state of india divya rawat


All of 28 Divya Rawat has shown what it takes to take charge of a situation rather than just complain about it. When the 2013 disaster hit the state and Migration, an already existent problem grew an uglier and more powerful head, this young woman decided to wear her warrior’s gear.

Today not only does her company Soumya Foods Pvt Ltd have over 35 units in the state that produce Mushrooms but the ‘Mushroom lady’ has also taught over 10,000 people to grow mushrooms and be self dependent.

Rawat spoke exclusively to Prachi Raturi for enewsdesk about her latest venture and future plans.

Excerpts of the interview:

What is it that is keeping you busy nowadays?

We have just come up with a range of dips made from oyster Mushrooms. Red choice (which has Oyster, garlic, red chilli), Green choice (made of mustard paste, oyster  mushroom and green chillies), Bhangjeera choice which has Bhangjeera (a local seed) and oysters and pickle choice, which has the seasonings of a pickle. All of these can be had as dips, chutneys or pickle. It would be a perfect thing not just for locals but also people who want to carry back something native from here.

Any other plans in the pipeline?

Well we are beginning with home delivery in Dehradun soon. Also I am planning to focus more on Keera Jari (Cordyceps sinensis) and help people grow it commercially.

 What makes mushrooms a good option in the hills?

To begin with it’s a simple thing to grow and gives great returns. I saw it as the perfect answer to stop migration.

What is your vision for Uttarakhand?

I want it to be known as the mushroom state of India. In fact I would want every village to have a mushroom’s name associated with it. I am currently working on about 40 varieties of Mushrooms.