CCIT Uttarakhand pledges ushering in a non adversarial tax regime in the state

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A day ahead of first anniversary of Modi government’s demonetization exercise, Chief commissioner of income tax Uttarakhand Pramod Kumar Gupta has pledged for ushering in a non adversarial tax regime in the state.

Talking to the reporters, Pramod Kumar Gupta said there will dramatic change by March in Uttarakhand as far as expansion of tax base and action against cases of tax invasions were concerned in the state.

He apprised that his department has kept a target of tax collection to the tune of Rs eleven thousand five hundred crore for the state this financial year which he said was sixteen percent for last year.

He admitted that there were still a large number of people, who were out of tax net. He said the direct fall out of demonetisation has certainly been increase in number of people, who have now come under category of income tax assesses.

“As many as two thousand assesses have been increased in Uttarakhand in the aftermath of demonetisation and I expect this figure to increase further in the days to come”, Pramod Kumar, Chief Income Tax Commissioner Uttarakhand pointed out.

He admitted that ONGC has a major share of tax earnings in Uttarakhand which he said contributes to around Rs 5000 crore to Rs 8000  crore per financial year.