Rishiparna aka Rispana on way to revival

rispana revival

Jai Kumar



Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Monday inaugurated rejuvenation campaign for Rispana now nomenclature as Rishiparna river in Dehradun.

The campaign was started by holding special worship at Shikar Falls in Mussoorie foothills that is the origin of Rispana river.  He called for public participation towards revival of Rispana river. He reminded the gathering about the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign towards ensuring cleanliness campaign in the country.

Chief Minister pointed out there were a total of eight water sources of Rispana river and all these sources have been identified and efforts will be made to ensure that all these sources get rejuvenated.

Chief Minister on the occasion also disclosed that personality like Waterman Rajendra Singh has helped revival of as many as eleven rivers in the country. “Rajendra Singh is doing yeoman service to the country by working in the direction of revival of dried up rivers.  His biggest achievement is that he has done all this on his own without any help from any government”, Rawat pointed out.

Waterman of the country Dr Rajendra Singh appreciated Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat’s efforts towards revival of rivers like Rispana and Kosi. He said collective efforts on part of people were key to revival of rivers.

Educationist Durgesh Pant, Col R.H.S. Rana from Eco Task Force and large number of youth of Dehradun were present on the occasion.