First CSR initiative taken up by WII to save birds from getting electrocuted

Bird CSR initative WII

Jai Kumar



In a major first ever CSR initiative, Power Grid Corporation India Pvt. Ltd has joined hands with Dehradun based Wildlife Institute of India to protect avifauna that gets electrocuted in power lines. Both have signed a MoU in this regard.

The efforts comes at a time when expansion of power transmission line network across the country, many of which are being aligned through areas harbouring avifaunal populations and growing network is becoming a threat to the survival of a range of rare and endangered birds. The project – “Assessing the Impacts of Power-Lines on Avian Species in the Arid Plains of Western Gujarat”- under the CSR initiative of PGCIL.

This is the first ever project taken up by WII seeking partnership with corporate sector under the CSR umbrella. The project will be completed in two years with a financial assistance of Rs. Nine lakhs from PGCIL.

The key objectives of the project are to assess the electrocution and collision risk to birds due to existing power-lines and wind farms, identify problematic configurations and generate comprehensive data on mortality of avifauna. It will also identity sensitive bird habitats along existing and proposed power-line and wind farm corridors in Western Gujarat.