Ex-servicemen angry after ouster from Jantar Mantar

Sanatan Dharm Inter College mussoorie fire broke

Brig. K.G. Behl (Retd.)

Patron, Dehradun Ex-services League

As we know a team of ex-servicemen  was  carrying out a protest in support of  full implementation of   OROP at  Jantar Mantar  for a long time and has now been removed  from that place forcefully by sending police on the plea that it is a residential  area and the noise disturbs the peace of the place. Its not only the ex-servicemen who were protesting from there but many other organizations put up their tents to make their protests. In fact Jantar Mantar is known for making such protests and practically all parties use it for the purpose.

The protesting ex-servicemen could have been removed more gracefully without use of police force by listening to their demands which are very few. The main points  is that the definition of  One Rank One Pension be accepted as  given by Koshiyari Committee report in Parliament. The definition of OROP gets twisted if  the pension is not revised every year. As we know servicemen retire every year and to implement  One Rank One Pension, the pension needs to be revised every year to bring parity as per the definition of OROP.

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister has recently announced that two parts of OROP have been implemented and third will be done soon. Keeping this in view it is hoped that the disputed points are going to be resolved soon. If so the person sitting on protest at Jantar Mantar could have been apprised of the situation so that they would have themselves left gracefully.

Ex-servicemen hope that the issue will be resolved soon amicably to the satisfaction of all.