Congress leaders attack BJP over kidney donation episode

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The kidney donation episode linked to Uttarakhand BJP minister’s family has at least given some ammunition to target the BJP  particularly when the minister concerned is a former congress leader itself.

Uttarakhand Congress has demanded a probe over alleged accusation made a BJP minister husband’s former employee, who had alleged that he was lured to donate his kidney by Giridhari Lal Sahu, BJP minister Rekha Arya’s husband on promise of giving him flat and money. The kidney was transplanted on Sahu’s first wife but the promise was not kept.

Former Uttarakhand Congress President Kishore Upadhyay said the matter needs to be probed as a former employee of BJP Minister’s husband has made a serious allegation.  He said the matter was serious as an allegation is leveled against Uttarakhand BJP Minister’s husband and that too by his former employee and need to be probed. Similarly, senior congress leader Garima Dasauni alleged that the BJP minister’s husband in question do not have a credible past and an allegation now was serious issue. She BJP needs to come clear on the matter.

Naresh, a former employee of  Giridhari Lal Sahu, who is Uttarakhand BJP minister Rekha Arya’s husband had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that he had donated his kidney to Sahu’s first wife Vijayanti Mala, whose both kidneys had failed for which he was promised a flat and money. But despite donating the kidney, he was still to get what he was promised by Sahu.