Food courts on pavements along Rajpur Road needs to be stopped

rajpur road greenery on stake

 Brig K.G.BEHL

 President Sanyukta Nagrik Sangthan & AICC Uttarakhand

Allowing Food courts on pavements along  Rajpur Road from Hathi Barkala to Jakhan is a dangerous move and needs to be stopped as this may become a traffic hazard besides affecting cleanliness of the area.  People were very happy to see that in order to improve the beauty of Rajpur Road, pavements  are being laid along the road in different material at different places probably to match the area around and make walking smooth for the morning and  evening walkers  In most of the places the pavements are being used by either the fruit sellers or other vendors. The purpose of  improving the pavements is defeated if those are occupied again by vendors. The pavements should be used by the pedestrians / walkers and there should be no obstructions by putting up temporary shops in between. The authorities should not allow such encroachments as it becomes difficult to remove those later as they make a claim and demand an alternate site for resettlement. Encroachments should not be allowed and be nipped in the bud in order to avoid claims and counterclaims later. Moreover by allowing Food Courts it will not limited to pavements alone but encroach upon lands around which belong to different private parties and may create problems especially if it is a Govt. or Defence land.

It is surprising that instead of removing the vendors who crowd around in that area in the evenings and obstruct the road and which was being objected to by the residents of the colonies around , efforts are being made to give them a permanent place

In addition the greatest problem will be of parking of vehicles on road itself  which may lead to accidents as everyone will be in a hurry and some of them may like to be served in cars alone. Since the main purpose will be to attract tourists it may become a traffic hazard.

Normally tourists on this road go in  speed,  being a National High way. If food courts are allowed it may become an accident prone area. Keeping in view the utility of the road and a number of V.I.P.s visiting Mussoorie and areas around. It is essential that the road be kept neat and clean  and more number of trees be planted  along it so that the greenery of Dehradun for which it is known, be maintained.  It should be ensured that the pavements not only look beautiful but add to the cleanliness of the town and the beauty of coming smart city.

We endorse the concern expressed by Air Marshal B.D.Jayal (Retd) in his open letter to CM and request the Hon’ble chief Minister to intervene and stop the idea of Food Courts on pavements in that area.