MAD volunteers clean Neshvilla road

clean up drive by Mad

Jai Kumar

e NewsDesk

DEHRADUN, August 28

City based student activist group Making a Difference by Being The Difference (MAD) conducted a clean-up and awareness drive at Neshvilla Road, Dehradun.

Around 35-40 youngsters began their cleanliness drive at the area around Neshvilla road. They wore masks and gloves and carried garbage sacks to clean up the surrounding mess that had piled up in the locality over time and discarded the waste in the nearby garbage can.

After this they conducted an awareness drive to make the people in the vicinity more aware about the cause and asked for their support.  “It is really saddening when you see the irony that the valley of Doon known for its scenic beauty shows heaps of waste as soon as you enter towards the downtown city”, said Vijay Pratap, a member of team MAD. Another member Shreya said “Although Nagar Nigam’s efforts have failed in a lot of areas but the citizens have also failed in some aspects. They need to step out of their safe havens and use the existing apparatus to clean up this mess for the betterment of the city.”

MAD has been persistent in its resolve for the cleaniless in the city for the past 6 years. Founding President Abhijay Negi conducted the cleaniless drive.