Nainital residents up against stray dogs, monkeys

demonstration against stray dogs nainital

Jai Kumar


NAINITAL, August 3

Residents of lake city of Nainital  staged a demonstration on Thursday seeking prompt aciton on part of authorities towards addressing the menace of stray dogs, monkeys and langurs.

Led prominently by district bar association and other organizations, the protesters alleged that the life of normal human beings has been greatly disturbed due to these animals. They referred to recent incident in Nainital when a girl child from a tourist family was killed when attacked by a stray dog.

The protesters asserted that not only stray dogs, the residents and tourists alike are facing regular attacks from monkeys and langurs that are in good numbers in the area. They said people are living under constant fear of these animals. They also accused animal rights activists of being insensitive towards the challenges being faced by the residents due to these animals.

District bar association President Harishankar, Bhuwan Lal, Vicky Rathore and D.N. Bhatt were prominent among the demonstrators.