DAV’s former class four employee gets support from student community

Jagdish babu gets students support

Jai Kumar



Jagdish Babu has been no ordinary peon at DAV PG College, Dehradun one of biggest and oldest colleges in entire Uttarakhand.  Generations of people have seen Jagdish Babu serving at the principal’s office with utmost dedication and sincerity.

But these days, Jagdish Babu is in trouble. The poor man house is neighboring Saharanpur district that is part of Uttar Pradesh has been allegedly occupied by a lumpen element, who has taken over his house by deceit. Jagdish Babu is running for pillar to post for justice.

A frail man, Jagdish Babu is helpless and has now got some support from ex-students of the DAV (PG) College, who have taken up the cudgels on his part on social media. Leading it is ex DAV (PG) College President Pankaj Chetri, who first informed the one and all about the plight of Jagdish Babu through facebook and whatsapp and has called upon the student community of Dehradun that are mostly from DAV college to come forward in aid of Jagdish Babu.

“A campaign is on through social media and we all are now meeting at DAV (PG) College on July 25 to take up this issue”, Pankaj said adding that DAV (PG) College student community is a perturbed lot seeing the plight of Jagdish Babu.

The support has already started growing for Jagdish Babu and big gathering is expected at DAV college on Tuesday.