Tiger found dead in Corbett

tiger death corbett

eNewsDesk Bureau

DEHRADUN, March 31

A Tiger was found dead in Corbett on Friday. Body of male aged tiger was found lying alongside road in the Sarpaduli range of Corbett Tiger Reserve when some tourists saw it and informed the park authorities.

Corbett park authorities after close scrutiny of the body found one of its canine teeth broken and some porcupine quills attached to its body.

After conduct of post mortem, Corbett officials are now awaiting post mortem report to know the exact cause of death. The tiger was fully grown tiger with around twelve years of age.

Only some days back, a man eater tiger was nabbed from territorial division of Corbett. The tiger died shortly after the capture. Man tiger conflict has increased manifold in the Corbett and its surrounding territorial divisions. This is also attributed to rising population of tigers in and around Corbett and also rise in density of human population in the region.