Congress Lambasts BJP over demand for Gairsain as state capital

Congress lambasts BJP over Gairsain issue
Surendra Kumar, Media Advisor to Chief Minister

eNewsDesk Bureau

DEHRADUN, Nov 19: Ruling Congress on Saturday came down heavily against the BJP and accused the opposition party of misleading the people and alleged shedding crocodiles tears on controversial issue of Gairsain as permanent capital of the state.

Congress alleged that Uttarakhand BJP legislators’ sudden rising inside the house on opening day of the two-day Gairsain session of the state assembly was nothing but mere an attempt to create ruckus in the house and obstruct its workings. Congress said that only seven of the twenty six BJP MLAs were present inside the house when opposition suddenly began raising demand from the state government to declare Gairsain as state capital. However they were not willing to bring a formal motion in the house in favour of their demand despite a request made by the chief minister Harish Rawat for the same, said the Congress party spokesperson.

“Firstly why only seven of the 13 BJP MLAs who came to Gairsain for taking part in the state assembly session finally made up inside the house. If they were really serious for declaring Gairsain as the state capital BJP legislators should have taken proper route for the same but the truth is that the opposition legislator were only meant to create a ruckus inside the and score political points by misleading the people. It’s sad that none of the seven MLAs who raised Gairsain as state capital demand inside the house preferred to stay in the hill town even for 24 hours,” Chief Minister’s media advisor Surendra Kumar. Kumar said. He added that BJP legislators move was mere posturing to create an impression in public and shedding crocodile tears inside the house.

“It is s the same BJP that failed the state in deciding for the state capital when the sate formed in 2000. Now they are repeating their same conduct,” alleged Kumar.

It’s significant that a group of BJP created bedlam inside the house on November 17 when he house began its working of the day. This forced the speaker GS Kunjwal to adjourn the house till lunch and to reassemble latter.