Doon Traders against Chinese products

DEHRADUN: Amidst rising tensions between India and Pakistan and the growing Pak-China nexus on other hand has further fuelled to the demand of boycott of Chinese products in the country this Diwali and Uttarakhand is no exception.

Only few days back, Bhartiya Janta Yuwa Morcha (BJYM) gave a call to the Diwali revellers not to use Chinese crackers, lamps and other products. They were joined yesterday but none other than the traders themselves, who unanimously decided not to sell Chinese products this festive season taking into account china’s anti-India stance at world platforms.

BJYM national executive member Amit Kapoor says that boycott of Chinese goods like lamps will in other way help revive usage of earthen lamps that has been in shambles ever since Chinese lamps and lights came to Indian market.

“Chinese illumination lights that has completely annihilated indigenous miniature bulb industry is one such example”, Kapoor adds.

There is no denial to the fact Chinese goods have gradually taken over the economy and hitting indigenous products hard. Hardly is any sector where Chinese goods have not taken over. From consumer goods to edible items, even idols of our gods and goddesses during festivals like Diwali are also coming from China.

Doon Vyapar Mandal leader Umesh Agarwal asserts that traders in Dehradun have voluntarily decided not to sell Chinese made products during Diwali. He pointed out that there was no point selling the Chinese made products and thus strengthening Chinese economy when the latter is continuously ranting anti-India tirade and helping our arch enemy Pakistan.

Interestingly, time and again voices have been raised against Chinese products but seldom has the clamour risen to such high levels as in current scenario. Though there has been some campaign initiated by Swadeshi Jagran Manch in the past to sensitise the people about the importance of indigenous made products but their appeal so far has been limited and the infiltration of Chinese products in Indian market continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

It must be mentioned that Chinese in a well-planned strategy provide cheap products which are a major source of attraction here for the consumers.

However, as the festival of lights approaches, the campaign against Chinese products is expected to gain ground and the momentum has already set in.