WII to plan for mitigation of man-animal conflicts

eNewsDesk Bureau

DEHRADUN: The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) would be coming up with workplans for mitigation measures in man-animal conflict affected states of the country.

Senior WII scientist Dr Satyakumar today disclosed that man animal conflict has risen to alarming proportions in some states. “Taking into account the worsening man animal conflict scenario, Union Environment and Forests Ministry has entrusted WII with the task of coming up with workplan for various states that are affected with man-animal conflict with respect with different animal species that come into conflict with humans on a state-to-state basis,” he informed.

He disclosed while in Uttarakhand most of human causalities are due to man leopard conflict, but brown bear in Himachal Pradesh and snow leopard in Jammu and Kashmir were some other animal species that are into conflict with humans.

Dr. Satyakumar said the workplan will be formulated also deliberations with local communities and taking into account their needs and priorities. He also told that, if required, radio collaring may also be undertaken to study the movement of the a particular predator.

The WII workplan could come as a big relief for a state like Uttarakhand, where, since the formation of the state in the year 2000, more than 400 people have died due to animal attacks and out of which more than 250 have died due to leopard attacks alone.